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Net Positive Partner


More Reach. More Sales. More Impact.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.

Albert Einstein

Net Positivity

Net Positivity means creating more Positive than Negative Impact.

It is a NEW PARADIGM of doing things.




We help design and implement Net Positive Impact Strategies.


We create Net Positive Impact 
for our clients.


We add value to products, services and brands.


ERIK Wikström

Founding NP Partner specializing in Full Spectrum Net Positivity .

More About Me

An expert in brand strategy, seamlessly merging strategic thinking with a sharp aesthetic sense. Profound thinker, writer, and poet, offering philosophical insights to enhance our understanding of our place in the world.

DIRK Christoph

Founding NP Partner specializing in Net Positive Business Evolution.

More About Me

As the visionary founder of the Paradise Syndicate, he's an influential speaker, seasoned Impactpreneur, and astute investor. His approach is to infuse business practices with net-positive change, always pushing the boundaries of impact and innovation.


Founding NP Partner specializing in Net Positive Business Networks.

More About Me

The driving force behind building one of Germany's largest family-owned business networks. With an uncanny knack for uniting the right people, he's an orchestrator of Net Positive Impact Projects.

NIKOLAI Thompson

Specializes in Net Positive Science and Materials.

More About Me

Driven by a commitment to Net Positive Science, Nikolai guides us through the intersection of innovation and Net Positivity. His expertise lies in the realm of Net Positive Materials and Plasma Technologies and is complemented by his association with the Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute. His role as the co-founder of iProject.Love underlines his steadfast commitment to cultivating a net-positive world.

ROBITO Chatwin

Specializing in Net Positive Journalism and Media.

More About Me

Robito merges academia and spirituality in his work. He's not only a UK university tutor of critical thinking, but also a skilled hypnotherapist, bringing a unique perspective to the realm of healing modalities. As a seasoned world traveler and devoted meditator, his insights reach far and wide. In the digital space, he shines as an online media host, narrating the story of a net-positive future.

KENT Robert

Specializes in Net Positive Construction.

More About Me

With a background as a master builder and contractor, he leverages his robust industry experience to promote Net Positivity in construction. His global travels enrich his perspective, further driving his commitment to net-positive transformation.

DAVID Schwartz

Specializing in Net Positive Business Incubation and Acceleration.

More About Me

With a diverse entrepreneurial background spanning holistic health, business operations, and real estate, David specializes in transitioning companies towards Net Positivity. In his role as an incubator and accelerator for Net Positive startups, he is actively defining the future of Net Positive business practice.

JODI Burick

Specializing in Nurturing Net Positive Communities. 

More About Me

A multi-talented beacon of creativity and nurture, Jodi shines in her mission to foster Net Positive Communities. With experiences as an artist, home educator, world traveler, and real estate investor, she brings a unique perspective to building Net Positive and harmonious communities. Additionally, she holds the role of Founding Trustee at Sunlight Ministries.


Specializing in Biophysics and Net Positive Health

More About Me

Matthew is an ambitious Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD candidate in Biophysics at Vrije University Amsterdam. With his solid B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc background and an ongoing MBA at the University of Sao Paolo, he's building a unique blend of scientific expertise and business acumen. His insightful work has been recognized in top scientific journals, underscoring his dedication to pushing the boundaries of biophysics.


Specializing in Net Positive Entrepreneurship and Networking.

More About Me

A trailblazer in Net Positive Entrepreneurship, Alexander founded Gaianet to unite all contributors to the New Earth. His expertise in Networking and Personality Testing complements his roles as a superconnector, strategic counsellor, and master organizer. As an author and compelling public speaker, he shares his vision of a net positive future.

CLAUDIA Lennerup

Specializing in Net Positive Customer Relations and Digital Engagement.

More About Me

With over a decade's experience in the automotive industry and a spirited entrepreneurial drive, Claudia has transitioned seamlessly into Net Positivity. Her resilience and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction make her an invaluable asset in any endeavor.

SOFIA Berumen

NPP Intern with a focus on Chemical Engineering.

More About Me

Sofia, a driven Net Positive Partner Intern, is currently carving her path in the field of Chemical Engineering. With a keen interest in Net Positive solutions, she's eager to integrate her studies into creating a positive impact on our world.

If you want to grow your business, reach your goals FASTER, go beyond "NEUTRAL" and become NET POSITIVE, we'd love to hear from you!

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